Knit, Natter & Art

Thats been my whole week mostly, knitting and nattering :-)

Monday I was working till mid afternoon and when I got home, I prepared dinner , taking a tip from Frugal Queen's blog and adding grated courgette and carrot to a packet of falafel mix. It padded a little mixture out to make good sized portions too.  Along with wholemeal wraps, refried beans and salad with a dressing made from natural yoghurt and mint sauce, this made a pretty tasty meal for Son and me. OH is the only meat eater now so I tend to make him dishes that I can serve him two days running and that saves me time.  After getting the washing in I sat down and started knitting till OH got home from work, carrying on well into the evening.

The start of my Christmas makes for the craft fairs.

Tuesday, I needed a few Birthday cards for this month so I sat in my craft room for a few hours, in between running downstairs whenever the washing machine finished to get it all on the line. I've been washing everything I can find as the weather has been so sunny.

A couple of cards for men

And three for the girls.  Mostly my cards are made with recycled bits and pieces, I only buy the odd pack of stickers or papers so they cost very little to make.  Backing papers are the leftovers from doing up my stairs, along with bits cut out from cards sent to us

I've been holding on to four balls of this lovely grey wool, waiting to find a project for it.  Its quite a rustic wool so I was browsing through pinterest and saw clothes from the Outlander series.  I haven't seen this series yet, will have to get the dvd or read the books but its set in Scotland and friends tell me its very good.  

I downloaded this simple shawl pattern and it looks just the job for wearing over my clothes to keep the chill off.  I have never knitted on circular needles before and I found it quite fiddly at first but the more stitches I am making, the better its going.  A good project to take to craft club too.

Wednesday, in between the normal housework, I was again knitting away on more stuff for the craft stall.  Art classes started up again in the evening too.  

My still life picture.

Thursday & Friday were much the same after work.
I brought this lovely wool from Hobbycraft a while back with no immediate project in mind, I just loved the colours so I brought three balls for the price of two in three different colourways.  Sis-in-law offered me two new little cushion pads that she didn't want so I made this cushion cover.
I used a 6.5mm hook and went down to a 5mm to tighten the rib at the opening.  It has turned out pretty good so I will make another one and they can go on the stall.

Today is a horrible wet and windy day but I can't complain as we have had a great October so far.  We went out early to do a small shopping trip as we had the chimney sweep coming.  Now he's been we can light the fire when we want as the evenings are chilly and we've already had some frosty mornings but I am holding off doing so for as long as possible to save on wood and coal supplies.  I like sitting with my feet up huddled in a cosy blanket watching a movie and knitting away.  Its been quite a productive week too.  Unfortunately the weather means no kajaking this weekend, I look forward to going again sometime, just need those sunny skies to come back.

Terri X


  1. Sounds like a productive week. Love the cushion, the colours of the yarn were lovely. I also loved the yarn for the shawl, the perfect colour to go with anything.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous blog Terri. everything looks so lovely xx


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