A Lovely Start to October

We were cloaked in a thick mist early this morning and a frost was on the grass as temperatures had dropped overnight but once it cleared it was such a beautiful day.  After I had pegged the washing out on the line to dry, we decided just to go for a ride around, stopping off at any nice viewpoints we saw along the way.
This is the top end of Loch Shin which altogether extends 23 miles.  I love to see the reflections on the water.

We drove through this little hamlet which consists of a few crofts and houses and a fish supplier and loops back onto the main road.
All the gorse bushes were covered in cobwebs, hundreds of spiders eek!

We drove back through our village and out the other direction as OH wanted to take some photos in an old graveyard.  I left him to it and decided to sit on a bench overlooking this view to wait for him.   The sun felt deliciously warm and i just relaxed for a while.

On the way back home we stopped at the viaduct and I clambered over the barrier to the steps.

OH ahead of me taking his photos

Trains go over the top and I was a bit nervous of it happening whilst we were up there.  Luckily it didn't happen and I was able to get this lovely photo looking upstream towards Carbisdale castle.

Here is a photo of the info board which you can expand to find out more about the castle

Its suppose to be a secret but everyone locally seems to know that this castle has just been sold as a private residence.  It will take a lot of money to maintain it but its good that it won't go to rack and ruin.
I'm going home now to sit on my decking and enjoy the last of the sunshine.  What a lovely start to October.  I hope this weather stays for a while.

Terri X


  1. what a fabulous Blog Terri, photographs are wonderful..Woo xx

  2. You are certainly blessed with such beauty in your local area. Stunning views.


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