Winter Has Arrived

Hello, its been a while since i've written on my little blog but I am still here!  
Hope you like this photo above taken this past weekend.  It is OH climbing up Ben Bhraggie.  Look how deep the snow is!  The monument is of the first Duke of Sutherland who played a large part in the Highland clearances.  It is 100 feet tall and has been there since 1837.

We have had a couple of snowy days this past week but it has cleared again except for on the hills.  Maybe we will get a white Christmas this year. Its now a damp cold day and seeping into my bones so I have put another fleece on over my two jumpers and am sitting under a blanket with my fingerless gloves on (I can't write this update with my fingers covered!)  We are economizing on fuel with the expense of Christmas coming as at this time of year work for both of us dries up.

My bit of good news is that I have been busy knitting away as my friend and I are currently supplying our crafting makes to 2 shops and it will be 3 outlets by next March.  We have been getting together when we can to have sewing days and we need to now build up our stock levels so its not a mad rush to replace sold items and much to our delight, we have already been making sales. The pressure to have to make for demand  would stop our enterprise from being for the fun of it but it feels quite exciting now and like fate since we talked about the possibility of stocking a shop and it just fell into place.  We will still do a stall ourselves sometimes like the Highland Games next year as we had such a good time this year.

The slow cooker is in use alot for meals that are cheap and warming.  I made this stew today with 750grms of 5% mince beef, potatoes, neeps, carrots, an onion and a tin of cut runner beans.  I added good old Worcester sauce and soy sauce plus a large squirt of tomato puree to the beef stock, along with dried mixed herbs and extra thyme.  Served with cabbage on the side it was lovely and as you can see, there is plenty left for dinner again tomorrow.  I love making dinners that last 2 days as it helps when I am having really busy days like tomorrow.  Its work then craft club then back to my friends to jump in her hot tub so to come home to warm up a bowl of stew will finish my day off nicely :-)

Terri X


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