Randoms from May

Loving this little drink mat.

I was sitting in the back of the Landrover amongst all these things we brought at auction!  The wood is the planter which is now put back together in my front garden from my last post along with my free clothes airer which cost me £1.

This china pot was amongst my auction buys and is dated 1927.

I went to a Wellbeing Festival and had this henna done.  I also had a soul reading and it was so good, I felt brilliant afterwards.  There were interesting workshops and I took part in one about vibrations with exercises like tai chi.  I also listened to a very interesting talk on hemp, amazing stuff.  Had a really good day out with friends.

OH made a mesh frame to protect my vegetables and seeds from all the cats next door.  I've heard about putting rock salt on the gravel to try and deter them.

Son made me a pallet planter and we now have some herb seeds growing in it.

The garden is really filling out now and this peonie is lovely.

Wild garlic poking up under the hedges.

Plenty of flowers on these strawberries and the plants are 4 years old so I was going to get rid of them.  Glad I didn't.

Reading this book for our bookclub.  Its the first in the Outlander series.

Cooking Slimming World meals and this is the quiche I took to the taster session.

Try this slimming recipe, its very yummy.

Just to show that my diet is working!

I am ordering a pen to do this on the pebbles in my garden.

I have put a few pictures up on my green wall.  They are all collected from charity shops.

Desperately sad about Manchester this week.  My heartfelt sympathy to all those families affected by this terrible act.

Terri X


  1. Congratulations on such a great weight loss. I could certainly do with losing some. Love the pallet planter, such a great idea.


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