Hibernation has Ended!

In the garden this morning

I thought it got cold in the night, my feet were freezing!  The wind had an icy bite to it but the sun was out so I put the washing on the line anyway.
The sheep opposite watched me silently.

I am assuming we are having the lambing snows this week according to the forecast so it shouldn't be long before we see the lambs on that hill.

I've had a tidy up of my wool stash and was surprised just how much wool i had that needed using up so i decided to make a blanket.  I took the pattern off Lucy's blog 'Attic 24' as its just made up of treble stitch so I can watch t.v. and crochet away.  It has already grown twice the size since this pic a few days ago.  I've decided to take it with me this morning to meet up with the patchwork girls.  They won't mind if I crochet while we have a catchup as I haven't seen anybody for about six weeks.  I feel that at last I am coming out of hibernation!  Must be because the clocks have changed or something but I have enjoyed getting out of the house and meeting up with people again.  I went to a new crafting group meeting in a nearby village last week, lots of mums with their tots but all doing various projects over coffee and cake.  I had a nice couple of hours and it only cost £2 to cover the cost of the hall.

I made another cushion with the tweed scraps I picked up the other week.  My friend is selling our sewing makes in her B&B so that will hopefully take off now the holiday season is starting and give me a bit of extra cash which I will save for bits we will need when moving.

I made another laundry bag with some of the vintage scraps.

A close up of the fabric, I really like the green with the turquoise flowers.

We also celebrated our 34th wedding Anniversary and treated ourselves to lunch out locally.  'The Pier' is set on the loch and I like to sit by the window to look out but it was a miserable wet day.

OH is still not totally well, he has now been given an inhaler to use four times a day and is being sent for a chest x-ray.

My mother is still in hospital but after a bad week where she caught a sickness and diarrhoea bug, she is at last making progress to recovery after they put in a temporary hip.  She will have a bigger operation in three months to replace the ball and socket but they are allowing time for the pelvis to heal.  I am keeping an eye on the fares for travelling down as they have gone up enormously because of the Easter holiday.

Well that's a little catch up for now, I am going to get a hot water bottle to sit on my lap whilst I continue with my blanket. Having it on my knees will help keep me warm this evening.

Terri X


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