The mountains out the back just have a touch of snow on the top.

Apologies for not posting regularly, I am full of cold which seems to have got a good grip on me.  OH has a chest infection and the doctors rang today for him to go back as they think he might have a touch of pneumonia (unsure if I have spelt that correctly).  So its the house of the sick at the moment!

March weather has been so changeable so far.  We had more gales which brought down lots more trees that were damaged in the previous high winds.  We did move the cars off the drive this time as more of the barn roof came off and we could not afford any more damage.  Just as we were getting fed up with constant wind and rain we get a few days sunshine.  What a difference that makes!

Washing on the line for the first time this year and it dried.  I washed vases and silk flowers and various knitted ornaments that had got a bit grubby.

The cats have been enjoying more time outside and have been bringing lots of mice into the house.  I send OH into the lounge first in the mornings so he has to clean up the horrid leftovers!  Bonny decided to let one loose and it took us two days to capture it as it was so fast!  It eventually jumped into the wood basket and we managed to get it outside before it got out!  

The starlings have started nesting in the roof so there are signs of spring about but the daffodils are only just poking their leaves through

Can you spot them in the grass?

I have pottered around making a few cards for the next couple of months Birthdays and I did make one for OH as it's our Anniversary near the end of the month.  Unfortunately I put 35 years wed on it but afterwards realised it will actually be our 34th Anniversary and the 5 wouldn't come off!  Oh well it will do for next year!  I'm blaming this cold.

Apart from work I have only been out once, with my friend we went scrap material shopping.  I managed to get some nice bits of tartan and tweeds for £10 and two bags full of vintage scraps for £8 to use for more sewing projects.  I was lucky to be given £20 for Mothers Day so that covered the cost.  I have just cut a few squares out for a handbag and made another laundry bag so I must get cracking again.

I'm off to have an early night to try and shake off this cold as I was up in the early hours unable to breathe, I was so bunged up.  I have had a phone call to tell me that my mother has had a fall and is in Gloucester hospital.  She is disabled already but has now fractured her pelvis and her hip is broken as well as her hand!  I will need to go down south again as soon as I can.  

Terri X


  1. So many lovely things going on in your blog today Terri, except for your poor Mum, I do hope she starts to get better soon. Lets hope the good weather stays. Woo xx


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