Happy Sunday

I woke at 6am to the sunshine streaming through the window and our car pulling into the driveway as my OH had gone out at 5am to collect some more wood to dry out for the stove.  He is always an earlybird, says its the best part of the day.  I got up and went out in my pj's to see how many logs he had and although it was sunny there was definitely a nip in the air, certainly woke me up properly!

I've had a nice week as I had three days off working.  I  pottered around the house getting all the washing done and dried on the line, emptied some containers in the garden and was quite proud of the bit of veg I had grown, nothing like the amount of veg that other bloggers have written about but up here unless you have a polytunnel (which I don't) the season is so short to grow outside as we are about 6 weeks behind those in the south and of course we haven't had as much sunshine either.

 This was my little haul, only 3 spring onions left after the sheep had got in and I do still have chard growing.  I was pleased to get some potatoes as they didn't flower at all so I didn't know what to expect but got enough for two dinners from my one tub planted up with some old potatoes I had which sprouted.  I also had the only lettuce left after the sheep's feast and that provided me with two salad lunches this week.
 I had arranged to spend a day with a friend and because the weather was nice, we decided to have a charity shop bargain hunt day. I didn't find a lot really but picked up some good books

This lot cost me less than £5
and some tea towels for £2.50 washed them this morning
I also got treated to lunch out by my friend and I still kept to my diet and had a delicious ham salad.
I got a surprise present last week from my son
I love this jug, more chickens and it is such a handy size for custard etc.
I decided to take a few photo's this morning of my kitchen shelves too just because the colour makes  me happy
I brought the blackboard labels from ebay for £1.50 and I loved putting  them on my jars
A friend brought me the M&S tin of biscuits for Christmas and I loved the tin so I keep some spices in there now

I  watched Monty Don's garden programme this morning whilst dusting things, fab gardens in Morocco and Spain.  I love Monty, his voice is so relaxing.  I have another friend calling in for coffee and a catch up after church today so I am preparing dinner before I go out.  We are having roast chicken and we haven't had a roast for ages so I'm looking forward to it later on.
Hope you enjoy your Sunday
Terri X




  1. Great veg collection there and also love your teatowels, what a bargain! Sweet little jug. I enjoyed a very busy weekend, but it has been lovely thank you xoxo


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