More Hee'land Coos and the odd chicken.


This little sewn patch above is going on a little Christmas pressie so I can't show you the whole thing but I bet you can guess what it's on though shhhh.. no telling!

Well it was lovely to get a few comments on my last post, thank you to Gill and I hope you give us a peek of your finished bag on your blog. Thanks also to Jean, Kim and Woo who all liked my new placemats and wanted a bit of info regarding them.

It was a bit of a chilly damp morning but we decided to pop to Dornoch this morning and have tea and cake in OH's favourite cafe. We also called in to the gift shop called Gordon House to find out where the placemats are from. They gave me a card with email
The shop has quite a big range of coasters and placemats in these designs, all lovely and my mats were priced at £7.50 each.  

I also had some luck in the charity shop today and for £5 I brought a lovely brown cardigan from Debenhams, two photo frames and this lovely cushion cover.

I have given it a good hand wash to freshen it up

I think it will fit in very well on my pew in the kitchen, well with a bit of a squeeze!

Terri X


  1. This is a lovely blog Terri, just love the Highland Coo's. Woo xx


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