Wow it was cold yesterday evening.  I huddled in my fleecy polo necked top next to the stove last night but still felt cold.  The temperature was expected to go down to -8 degrees.

It probably feels colder as i have spent the last 5 days down in Gloucestershire where although it was chilly, the sun shone and it felt quite spring like.  It was lovely in my mums garden,  daffodils in bud and snowdrops in bloom.  Mums house though was too warm as unfortunately they are both unwell but the heat just made me sooo tired and lethargic.
Anyway i am home again and we banked up the stove last night so i just put some wood on it at 6am when i got up.

This is the view out the front of my house this morning.  Look at the blue sky over in the West.

In the side garden the snow hasn't been touched not even by little cats paws.  So tempted myself to walk over it and leave my footprints!

Photo of frost covering the hedge.

Talking of another kind of freezing,  i thought it was about time i found out exactly what was in my chest freezer.  I very rarely get to the bottom of it so i roped in OH to help.  Made him do the worst bit putting his hands in whilst i wrote the list hee hee.

Quite a lot more than i thought to make meals with.  I am pretty bad at labeling things thinking that i will remember what it is so today for lunch we are going to have some kind of soup with some homemade tomato bread!  I can see the red bits in it!

Terri X


  1. Good post Terri, you are good doing your lists, I going to do mine now..thank you Woo xx


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