Craft Clubs

I have been going to a couple of crafting clubs in different villages over the last few weeks.  I enjoy spending a couple of hours working on my own projects but having a coffee and a chat with other ladies and seeing what they are working on.  This is how you learn and get inspiration to create other things.  

One of the classes has young mums and its lovely to see their little ones playing and colouring and all the elderly ladies enjoy the company and have lots of stories to entertain us.  Homemade cakes or biscuits are sometimes brought in too.  Sometimes community projects are worked on such as sewing knitted squares together to make lap blankets to give out to anyone who needs one or attends a talk on tips to keep warm in winter.  

 Recently i have been working on my crocheted rug (pictured above).
It is made out of t-shirts and it seems to take longer to cut them up into continuous strips than the actual crochet.  The last red row was a whole t-shirt, sleeves as well and it didn't quite go a whole round but this doesn't bother me as i just continued until the colours ran out anyway.

I had to rip it back a few times as it wouldn't lay flat but i managed at last, adding a few extra chain stitches and trying to alter my tension.  It is now finished but if i ever wanted to make it bigger, it would be easy to undo the last stitch and just add to it.

I have been asked if i would like to do a little demonstration at a craft fair and perhaps show others how to cut up the t-shirts and make a coaster or placemat and i am thinking about it although i'm no expert and just do what works for me.

I need to find another project to start and take to the classes next week, perhaps a little knitting for a change.

Terri X


  1. a gorgeous rug Tell it really goes nicely in that we corner by the telly!! xx


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