Bargain Buys this week

I always look out for yellow stickered bargains when i do a food shop but i rarely get many and i don't buy anything that i wouldn't' normally use just because its going cheap.  I was very happy this week to get these items below

The joint of pork was half price and the mature cheese blocks were reduced to £1.50 along with a bag of grated cheese for £1.  Cheese freezes very well so i was glad to get these.  

I have been trying to cut down on the amount of meat we buy.  I wouldn't find it hard to cut out altogether myself and i eat a lot of veggy meals anyway but OH loves his meat.  I have been buying smaller packs of minced meat and padding it out with a handful of lentils instead and this has worked very well as although OH knows about this, it doesn't change the taste of the overall dishes.  Son is already virtually a vegetarian indeed he has never eaten much in the way of meat except for sausages and burgers so i buy plenty of quorn or veggy substitutes.  

This week it was my Birthday and i decided to go for a day out with a couple of friends to the auctions as i did last year.  I have been looking to buy a breadmaker for a while now but they are normally too expensive for me to purchase.  Well there was a lovely Panasonic breadmaker in the auction and i checked it out beforehand and it looked in very good condition.  I decided to set a limit of £25.  I got it for the grand total of....£2.00!!  With commission i paid a total of £2.24 but what a bargain.  

I haven't tried it out yet except to see if it works but it came with the booklet and measuring tools so i will get some ingredients tomorrow and have a go.  We had lunch there too so my whole day out cost me a grand total of £5.74.

Yesterday i just pottered about at home and spent a while in my craft room.  I have decided that this year i would try to make everyones Birthday cards in advance instead of leaving it to nearer the time.  I made 4 so a good start and I will be able to make more from the cards which were sent to me.  I love recycling in this way.  We were invited round for a meal at a friends house to celebrate my Birthday and that was a nice get together as some family members were there too.
I got pretty spoilt really with money, boots and slippers, earrings, socks, smellies and a knitting book on the way too.

Terri X


  1. Happy Birthday! You got some lovely presents and what a deal on the bread maker!

  2. Really good bargins there Terri, that breadmaker was a fantastic find. Hope you had a lovely Birthday. Woo xx


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