A Week Of ....

LUCKY FINDS.  This lovely picture of a scottish croft overlooking a loch was hiding amidst a box full of others but as soon I saw it I thought  it would forever remind me of our Highland home.  There is no artist name on it but it was definately worth the pound i paid.

This is a scarf that i spotted in a box on the floor in a charity shop.  The colour of the roses is so vibrant and i will use it as a little cloth on a small table.  Another pound well spent!

CATCHING UP.  I have recently been in touch with two old friends, one i had lost touch with 10 years ago and it was lovely to hear from her.  We have had a little chat by phone and will keep in touch regularly from now on but we do live a long distance away from each other so a visit will have to wait for a while.  I did have a lovely day out yesterday with another friend who i see every couple of months. We just pottered around a few shops i hadn't been in before and had a good catch up over lunch.  We also had a look round a glassware gallery, hugely expensive in there though. I enjoy my friends and need to make more effort to keep in contact as it is so easy to get caught up in day to day life and before you know it weeks even months have gone by.

I found this lovely candle in a charity run shop we went into and it smells gorgeous of apples.  It will be a shame to burn it so i will enjoy its fragrance for a while first. They also had a lovely selection of homemade soaps which would make nice little presents with some of my handknitted flannels.

PRESENTS.  I have been very lucky this last week.  First, my son brought me a new mobile phone as i have needed one for ages.  I might have eventually got around to buying one but there always seems to be other more necessary things to spend out money on.  He gave me a choice of colour and i went for white as it was a bit more girlie but he choose the make and model for me and i am finding my way around it.  Second pressie was from my OH and is the new Paolo Nuttini album, i just love his voice.

BARGAIN BUYS.  I found this cute leather phone case on Ebay for just £3 as i need to protect my new phone

CRAFTING.  I made this little doggy pin cushion as the printed material was free in a magazine.  It is the first time i have made anything following printed instructions but it came out pretty well and i made sure to copy the pattern onto newspaper pieces so that i could make another.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES.  I watched the WW1 play which was done as part of the Gala and it was nice to see it so well supported by the village.  I also went to play bingo and there is talk that it will be held once a month now.  I enjoyed it but unfortunately didnt win but did get close a few times!

I am off to meet a friend at the vintage tea party shortly so lots going on.
Bye for now.
Terri X


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