We Jumped At The Chance!

              Of staying in my friends home which they run as a 4* B&B and looking after their dog whilst they are down in England for the weekend.  
The words on this plaque on their wall are lovely and that is just what i am doing, enjoying a quiet time in a quiet place...
The frontage is so attractive with lots of interesting things to look at

A scottish thistle mosaic, isn't this lovely.

Lots of old tools and implements to look at

I  have no idea what this could have been

Wandering around the garden its a pity the sun is not shining as it would be nice to sit out here and have tea.  The sky is overcast and looks like it could rain anytime but it is still quite warm.

Fairies and roses, very romantic i think.
Notice the rusty heron?

My friend is good at making cakes and left us one to enjoy so that's just what i'm going indoors to do now. Yum!

Terri X


  1. It all looks very lovely Terri, should have taken me Woo xx


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