The Past Week

This photo sums up beautifully the weather we have been having over the last week, sunshine and showers.

When i went South and got the chance to go to Ikea, i brought a hanging shelf to put in my wardrobe, it caught my eye as it was a Cath Kidston material.  I decided to have another declutter session this weekend and managed to clear out 2 black bags full of old clothes, some so awful that they have now gone into the recycle skip in the village and the rest set aside to go to a charity shop.  I also cut up a lovely blue cotton shirt just for the material box.

It was hard to get a picture but you can see that my space is limited!  
I have actually been able to fit my coats in here now too and my winter woolies are on the top shelf along with my travel bags.  
I am so glad i picked up that shelf unit now, pretty and practical.

The village is holding its Gala week starting next weekend.  It is the school summer holidays now and the week is full of activites for all the family.  I think i will go to watch the WW1 play and go to play bingo during the week and on the last weekend there is a car boot.  I have been putting aside a few items and am thinking about doing the car boot, depends on the weather too.

I have also been watching some of the World Cup football and the tennis final as my son and OH have had it on but i was knitting at the same time.  I have to say that i felt better for having such a lazy weekend.  I went out to church yesterday morning and did us a quick healthy dinner when i got back of salmon, boiled new potatoes, broccoli and green beans.  As the cooker was on, at the same time i cooked a slimming quiche (no pastry) for tea and a curried chickpea loaf for Mondays dinner. 

A friend rang last week and asked if we wanted some bits of wood he had collected, said they could be chopped up for burning.  Of course i said Yes Please!  He brought it all up in his truck and we made a start on chopping it up in chunks and into bags of kindling.  I also ordered a couple of sacks of coal to be delivered, need six really but will get it bit by bit.  While we both have work this month i am trying to put some money aside to help pay the bills over the winter so i am still skimping on the food shopping although when my £46 delivery came from Mr Tesco it didn't look a lot. 

This recipe is out of the retro kitchen book i showed on my last post.  I have never made one before and as OH doesnt like cherries, i put a few flaked almonds inside the pineapple circles.

I hope OH enjoys it!

Terri X


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