I Love Eggs

I am not talking about the chocolate ones we have just eaten over Easter. OH is in the doghouse over this as Sunday afternoon I thought i would sit down with my egg and a cup of tea but my egg had disappeared!  As i've been dieting OH thought he would save me the calories and ate it, i was not impressed!!

He has been working for a couple of ladies these past two weeks who have generously kept us supplied in real eggs, both duck and chicken. 

We go through a lot of eggs usually two dozen a week and I always try to buy them from people who have their own free range chickens.  They vary in price round here, usually from £2.60 - £3.20 a dozen but there is no comparison between these fresh and those brought in a supermarket.  The yolks are so bright yellow and its nice to know they were laid that day.

I have eggs most days for breakfast, i don't eat cereals except very occasionally porridge.  I love them cooked in various ways but i am partial to boiled egg with marmite soldiers!  I do not use the duck eggs for this as they have a stronger taste as well as being larger so they are better for baking and i made a lovely quiche with those pictured above.

Terri X


  1. Oh no! If anyone took my chocolate there would be HUGE trouble. We like fresh free range eggs in this house too. There is such a difference. I would love to be able to keep my own chickens. Maybe in the future. X

    1. I dream about having a few of my own some day too x


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