A Wild Windy Day

It is one of those wild windy days and the doors and windows are rattling as it howls around the cottage and although the sun comes out now and then, It is impossible to put any washing on the line.
We could see the rain coming towards us from the West coast so we decided to venture out nearer the East coast in the hope that it would be brighter and the winds might not be so strong. 

This is a view of the Dornoch Firth this morning.  The water was very dark and choppy.  I felt battered round the ears taking this pic and was grateful to get back inside the car.  
We just popped into Lidl for some cat biscuits that i had seen earlier in the week at a good price and we also came out with these

They were just looking up at me so cheekily and saying "eat me! eat me!"

As to the rest of my week, i have had quite a busy time even though ive only had a few hours work.  I have met up with friends and gone food shopping together whilst having a good catch-up, met up with other ladies from the patchwork group i went to for a while and we all had lunch in a local cafe.  I had a lovely colourful salad with smoked salmon and prawns and will definately have that again sometime.  I am still going to the "Pattern" group where we are making a 2015 calendar combining our photos with words from the poetry group and they have also agreed with my suggestion to make some blank cards to sell as well.
I also finished making another handbag

I followed the instructions that i wrote for myself when i went to the class and i lined it with one of my vintage pillowcases

I also used the material i picked up in a charity shop last weekend and made it into a cushion

The leftover scraps have gone into my hexie making tin and these are slowly growing now

I picked up a fab roll of floral wallpaper for £1 in the week and i have already decoupaged the top of a chest of drawers in my bedroom.  The photo is a bit dark but you will get a general idea

I love this paper and can think of lots of things to do with it.  I have used it to wrap a present up and it looks lovely tied with ribbon too.
All in all i have had a lovely week socializing and crafting and just pottering in the house and i am now going to sit down and watch a movie.  We have lit the fire, it should burn well with the wind drawing it up the chimney

OH is making a cup of tea and i am going to eat that bunny!

Terri X


  1. Lovely blog, I would eat those bunnies too Terri. Woo xxxxxx


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