Daffodils on my table

These are the first daffodils from my garden.  I love their brightness on my table.  I picked up the little Emma Bridgewater tin from a garden centre and the little chicken was a charity shop purchase.  I took a bagful of bits to them today and managed to only pick up two items to come home with me.  The other is this

Lovely material that I am going to make into a cushion cover.

It was pretty foggy this morning but there was a little glimmer of blue sky so I was ever hopeful of a teensy bit of sunshine.  As we headed out it was only 5.5 degrees but we set off to Tesco to buy a new kettle as we have been without one for a couple of days and its not very frugal to heat a pan of water on the hob whenever we want a cup of tea.  We brought a rapid boil one for £12 and headed straight out of the store as I had already done a little food shop earlier in the week.  I did get an extra 4p a litre off my diesel with my club card, making it £128.9p instead of £146.9 in the village.
It was 10 degrees by the time we got home and the sun was shining so I decided to get some washing done but before I could get it on the line it started to rain.
I decided to play about with my shelf displays in the kitchen.

I got the idea of sewing these vintage hankies together from the latest Home & Antiques mag, they had sewn a little curtain with some hankies and I remembered in my material box there were three that I had picked up ages ago for 75p. 

My chickens have now been given a big shelf as its nearly Easter!

A little vintage and hearts makeover in the lounge too.
It's fun pottering about like this.
I have also tried making another handbag   after my sewing lesson last Saturday.  It is still waiting to be finished off but I already feel more confident using my sewing machine.  A few more cards have been made this week

And I am still hand sewing little hexies

Terri X


  1. Hi Terri. I love playing about and arranging my displays in my home. I think it must be a woman thing, my husband thinks I'm potty I'm sure.

  2. It is definately a woman thing, we just can't help it.Looks great Terri xxxxxx


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