Merry Christmas

Not a very clear photo at 4 o'clock in the morning!  We are always up early on the big day, years of getting up with excited children I think but I said to OH last night we would try and last out until 7am but it was not to be!

A very hard frost last night so everywhere looks white and you can see the snow on the mountains out the back.

The frost makes a nice pattern on the car bonnet

but my plants are looking a bit sorry for themselves

 I've already had Buck's Fizz and started the chocolate Brazil's 

I have cooked the pork with lovely crackling, made a cheesecake and the bubble & squeak for tomorrow, stuffing balls prepared and the veggies so all set for dinner later.

I'm off to play with my pressies

Thank you to family and friends for their lovely gifts, I have been very lucky.  I have recycled all the ribbons and some packaging

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas too 

Terri X


  1. Looks lovely Terri. Looks like you had lots of lovely presents xx

  2. I was almost as excited with my packaging as the contents, I have a stack of brown paper, lovely for templates, and a small hill of ribbons. I see lots of embellishing in my near future. I too received some crafty goodness, at long last my threads will be on a stand in full view and I have some of the gadgets that I have been longing for but would not buy myself. My daughter goes back to London today and my fingers are itching to make something.


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