It Snowed Overnight

The snow arrived again overnight but not as much as we thought we would get.  OH persuaded me to go for a little walk just up the road this morning as I was a little unwell yesterday so I hibernated all day.

The weather looks a bit worse over the West and you can't see the mountains so well today.

I felt better for having a little stroll but my hands were freezing even in my gloves so I didn't take many photos.  

Back indoors now with Bonny lazing in front of the stove.  She just loves the heat and hates to move when we put another log in.  OH is having a snooze on the sofa, he gets up so early even when there is no need to.
We are just going to have a picky day today as I have had enough of cooking and we can just eat up leftovers.  I have a few programmes to catch up on I-player and my new books to look through so another quiet day.  We have been invited out to friends again for Hogmanay so that will be fun. 

Terri X


  1. This all sounds perfect and relaxed (apart from you feeling unwell).

    Love the picture of Bonnie, who's tummy looks like it needs a sweet kiss. You've reminded me of my last cat who used to become so deeply unconscious in front of the fire that we could make her into shapes. The best was very gently giving her a stretch and rotating her top and bottom halves to opposite sides - arms to the fire and legs pointing to the wall opposite. Then we'd wait till she woke up and laugh ourselves silly when she was mystified by how the bits were in the wrong place. It sounds a bit mean writing it but it was very gentle and the cat loved being stretched when she was all warm and toastie. Her favourite was lifting her up from under the arms while sleeping and saying 'big, big, big' and letting her have a huge stretch which she adored and even pointed all her paws to maximise the benefit. My sis was taller than me and the cat much preferred the big long stretch she gave her. Thanks for invoking this memory.

  2. Bonnie is looking very very relaxed, she looks like she owns the place. Lovely photographs of the snow. Woo xx


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