Budget Garden Makeover

After my last post showing you my mums lovely garden, it was time to do a bit more towards making my own little space more attractive for the summer. 
 As we are far up north our planting season is approx 6 weeks behind the growth in my mums garden and this makes the growing season much shorter

First my son spent a few days deweeding underneath the hedge.  The wild garlic plant that i put in last summer has grown a bit and i found two ladies mantle plants that had self seeded into pots.  On the right is a small geranium that i also found amongst the weeds so that got replanted too along with one I had in a pot.  Cost so far = £0
My suntrap is the front garden and when we moved here just over a year ago one of OH's first jobs was to put down this area of decking that we acquired from friends.

The most expensive part of my makeover was the £18 it cost for 6 bags of potting compost and when we went to Home Bargains this weekend, I picked up 3 wall planters for £1.29 each and 3 oblong tubs for £2.99 each.  These fit perfectly along the back edge of decking.  I also had managed a few weeks ago to pinch a galvanised bucket from my sis-in-law as this would go with a few others i already had.

I also spent £11 on plants including this lovely blue poppy put in one of the tubs with some more of the geranium i dug out.  These freebies were all put into the tubs and i split up the sedum plant that i was given and some black iris that i had in another pot.  I then decorated the top of the soil with shells picked up from the beach and 2 rusted metal snails.

My chimney pots are filled with perlagoniums and nasturtiams

This corner besides the front steps gets sun and shade so is an ideal area for my hosta that has been in this pot for a number of years.  It is sprouting now and will get much bigger to fill this corner.  There are also yellow daisies sprouting that grow about 4 foot tall against the wall, these were cuttings I brought back from mums last year.  I am not allowed to attach anything to the wall itself.  The largest plant is a peonie that was cut to the ground when the scaffolding went up last year.  I am amazed how it has come back.  I am hoping that the little kettle filled with nasturtiams will grow downwards from the steps.

My bed is edged with pebbles and my slab table has been with me for the last 17 years!  I accidently broke off a bit of a lupin plant brought a few weeks ago but i managed to root it in a jug of water so got 2 plants now although it has some catching up in size to do.  Another ladies mantle had squeezed itself in the hosta tub so that got replanted too.

I have some veg growing along the bed and in pots, dwarf beans, sprouting broccoli, rocket, mixed salad leaves & strawberries.  
Total cost =£41.84
The peonie flowers are so pretty

The bees seem to like them too.

Bonnie enjoying lazing un the sun while we work

Sitting relaxing myself now and listening to the birds in the woods opposite.

Enjoying my views but a bit of cloud bubbling up over the West.

Terri X


  1. You are certainly making it into a little oasis, with such amazing views.

  2. your garden is gorgeous and the weather is gorgeous too x


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