Last Week

I was visiting with my Mum and her husband at their little bungalow in Gloucestershire.  They are both not well physically, my mum spends a lot of time lying in bed looking out her windows.  

They both love gardening and these pictures are of their little front garden

This pic shows what you can grow in a very small area under the windows

Definately the best front garden in the street and lots of people walking past stop to admire it.  

The roses at the path edge are full of buds.  Mums OH works very hard to keep it tidy for her.  Let me lead you round to the back garden

Through the side gate

I love this plant with its white pompoms but i cannot remember its name

Tomatoes in the hanging basket

Another very pretty shrub along the side fencing

Looking over the back garden.  The little gate gives them access to the very elderly man next door in case he falls over and has been handy a few times.

My favourite little walkway along the back fence to one of the seating areas
You can see that this is not a big garden, there is a small patio area and shed behind me.
Look at the lovely maple and next to it is an apple tree.  It was loaded with apples last year that i picked and made crumbles with and i think it will have lots again this year.  There is a small water fountain in the right hand corner of this photo.  Its nice to hear running water.

A beautiful rose on an arch and mum hangs nuts for the visiting squirrels from this.
What a lovely space to look out upon from the bedroom window and lots of birds visit here too. It was nice for me to spend time here and it has encouraged me to do a bit more with my own small space at home.

Lady in the bath.  If you turn the flower upside down thats what it looks like too.

Terri X


  1. Such a beautiful garden, obviously tended with love.

  2. i love your name for the dicentra, my Mum calls it "love lies bleeding or Bleeding Heart. You can also get a pure white one too.


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