Last part of our Holiday

Edinburgh Castle
We used our card brought in Wales and got entry to the castle half price, bargain!

The castle is so high up that you get fabulous views.

There were lots of tourists like us about.

There are a lot of buildings within the walls and we went inside the museums.

OH climbed up the highest points to take photos but as you can see, the rain clouds were coming over. 

We stayed to watch the 1pm cannon being fired over the city just before the heavens opened and we decided to leave to walk down the Golden Mile.
We looked for a cafe and dropped into the St. Giles Cathedral as it had one inside.  OH brought a photo permit to allow him to take a few photos.

Suitably refreshed we then set off for the Palace of Holyrood.

This is the Queens residence when shes in Edinburgh.  As part of her Majesty's Birthday celebrations they had an exhibition of some of her outfits worn over the years.  We weren't allowed to take photos but it was so interesting, the dresses were beautiful.  When you see the Queen on tv although you see the colours of her outfits you just don't see the details.  Some of the hats were pretty amazing designs.  What was a nice touch were the photos alongside of the Queen wearing the outfits.

The royal wedding of Zara Phillips to Mike Tindell was held here.

We also paid to go into the Queens Gallery to see an exhibition of Dutch paintings.  
Our last day was taken up by a trip to the National Gallery in the morning, amazing works of art in there.  The afternoon was shopping time, going into some that we had not seen anywhere else.  I can recommend Hotel Chocolate as it had a cafe at the rear.  Never seen one before and chocolate was in everything, OH was in his element as its his favourite :-)  My highlight was finding three pairs of shoes that fit my feet.  I know three pairs sounds excessive, in fact I broke out in a sweat paying out so much on shoes but i have such problems getting any and these will cover every eventuality and probably last me for a few years.  I also found a lovely dress that I wore to dinner on our last evening and felt lovely in it too.  We've had a great holiday :-)  and this is my last post on it, honest.

Terri X


  1. Sound amazing, you certainly captured some great photos so you will be able to look back on a wonderful time.


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