Still More Decluttering!

The sun was shining when I woke up this morning but it certainly was a bit chilly!  Temperature -7 but up here we don't have to worry about protecting plants from the frosts at the moment as we are about 6 weeks behind those gardeners further south and we don't have anything flowering yet. Our growing season is a lot shorter unless you have a poly tunnel so as yet I haven't planted anything.  Usually I grow some potatoes, carrots, spring onions, raddish, salad leaves and chard as well as a few herbs but I have learnt through trial and error that its not worth bothering too much.  One year my sis-in-law and I grew 50 tomato plants but we didn't get one tomato!  As it was very wet last year I didn't do very well with potatoes but they are getting so expensive to buy so I will probably do some more this year.

I have been doing more decluttering although to look at my craft shelves you wouldn't think so!

I am trying to keep everything contained within this shelf unit 

These pics are after the tidy up and condensing!  I do sewing, knitting, crochet, card making, rag rugging and painting bits and pieces.  I have tins full of ribbons and buttons, baskets of made cards, knitted hearts, paints and glue gun, lots of tools and tool boxes full of material and card making bits.  I think I need to hide it all underneath a curtain!

I went through all my cookbooks to pick out my favourites as I want to keep them contained to a wicker basket on my work top.  

I gave a couple away today and I have a few for the charity pile. The wire hanging down is attached to my chilli lights which are draped round the kitchen window. I have had them for years but I love them on in the evenings if I have a dinner party.

I also emptied the chest freezer and wrote a list of everything in there so its much easier now to do a meal plan.  I did a small food shop on the internet to restock some of my staples like stock cubes, oil, flour, tinned tomatoes etc as I can get it delivered for £3 and it would cost us £10 diesel if we went to the shop.

I put two loads of washing out on the line today, I was going to do it yesterday but we kept having snow showers.  Some items were still a bit damp when I brought them in.  I made a large pot of chilli for tea and I had found some garlic & coriander wraps in the freezer so the leftovers will be used inside these tomorrow.  A quick meal because I will be out doing the pattern course in the morning and then going to work afterwards.  

Terri X


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