Grandad what are you doing?


Today was the day allocated to do all the jobs that our daughter had asked for help with.  We came prepared, travelling down with a toolbox and drill, dustsheets and paint rollers in the boot of the car and his first job was to fix her kitchen cupboard door.  This was quickly sorted and then he was cutting and hammering wood to repair the back gate that had been damaged in all the bad weather.  Grandson No.3 watched him work.

Don't think I got away with everything!  I was keeping an eye on Grandson's 2 & 3 whilst doing two lots of washing to hang out on the line.  It had been a sharp frost overnight but the sun came out and after trying to hang out the first load I found out there was a peg shortage!  I left OH and daughter painting the first coat of paint in the hallway whilst I popped out to the local Waitrose.

Where we live there is not a Waitrose within 100 miles and as this one also has some of the John Lewis store, I looked forward to having a look round.  Grandson No. 2 helped me choose some cakes to take back to the others and I found some pegs in a peg basket for £3.  We headed back after a little detour to a playpark and we spent a happy half hour on the swings and slide and singing nursery rhymes whilst bouncing up and down on the seesaw.

The first coat of paint was drying so after putting in a new lock on the back door it was time to have a look at Grandson No. 2's bike. 

An adjustment to the saddle and pumping up the tyres, it was time to learn how to use the pedals and take the step forward from using his balance bike to riding a proper bike with stablizers.

It will take a bit of practice but he was getting the hang of it.

One very happy boy, very proud of himself!

Last coat of paint was done and I prepared the potatoes for tea.  Grandson No. 1 and Grandaughter both have classes after school today, football and street dancing so we are having an easy tea of sausages, mash, spring greens, carrots and sweetcorn.

OH did the washing up and is now having a well deserved rest, until tomorrow when we are going to visit some other relatives.

Terri X


  1. You are always so busy Terri, makes me feel tired. xxxxxx


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