Staying In

It has been wet and very very windy the last two days.  Looking out the window it is so grey and you can't see the mountains at all.  I was out working yesterday but today I just felt like staying in. 
I lazed in bed this morning determined to finish a book I was reading and the cats waited patiently for their breakfast and snuggled on the blankets with me.  Eventually I got up as OH lit the fire in the lounge as on days like this its nice to keep one room warm and cosy.  It is just the day for soup too so I set to making some for our dinner

Whilst it was cooking I decided to make a few cards as it is Mother's Day soon and our Anniversary this month plus another Birthday card needed.

I am quite pleased with these and I have used odd papers and recycled cards to make them.
OH has sat in front of the t.v this afternoon watching all the rugby so I have been catching up with reading some of the blogs I follow and re-arranging a shelf.  The photo's are a bit dark because of the weather but I decided to go for a kind of woodland theme

I took down my printers tray and replaced it with this hare picture which was done by a neighbour and I think it is very good

I included a wooden toadstool that I brought OH at a local craft fair along with some toadstool tea lights that caught my eye when i last went to Dunelm.

There was this little owl too that I propped up against a little brown jug.

It fits in well colour wise alongside the green candle which smells like pine when lit.  In fact that has given me an idea go outside tomorrow and pick up some of the fallen pinecones after these winds and put some in the bottom of the hurricane jar.  They will fit as they are the tightly closed kind.
Doesn't the time fly when you are just poodling about, it is now tea-time and I am going to warm up the soup.  Think I will get into my PJ's early.

Terri X


  1. Your cards are so special. What a wonderful gift to receive a handmade card. I can bet your soup was very tasty. Hope you are having a lovely day.


  2. Warm and Cosy Blog today Terri...Woo xxxxxx


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