Handbag making!

I signed up for a handbag making course a few weeks ago and today was the day!
I am not confident with a machine, I've had mine for about 10 years but I have never even changed its needle and although I have made things like curtains and cushions, they are only made with the same running stitch as I never move the dial!  So could I make a handbag?

I was a bit nervous as the class was held in another village and I didn't think I would know anyone but as I pulled up into the car park another lady got out of her car and said she didn't want to go in on her own as like me , she didn't know anyone so that made it easier to go in together.

We paid our course fee, £25 and the  materials were included in the cost.

First I chose my materials, the tweed for the outside and the pink floral for the lining.  We had a choice of three types of bags to make, a shopper, a small handbag or a bag with a flap.  I chose to make a small handbag with straps that I could put on my shoulder.

I made two pockets for the lining, don't look too closely at the stitches!  I've never made a pocket before so I felt quite chuffed to get this far.
After making the straps we took a little lunch break and it was nice as we all sat together and chatted.  I had taken a small flask of homemade lentil soup and a banana.  
An hour later I had got got the makings of a bag!

I found putting the magnetic catches on the hardest part as it was fiddled but I got there in the end and now for my tah-dah moment .....

And  take a look inside

I am so pleased with it and I want to make another if I can remember how to do it all, I did take notes as I went along. I think this one will go to a family member for her Birthday.

Everyone went home very happy with their new bags.

Terri X


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