Happy Decluttering

I have been decluttering a lot since the New Year and this week, with help from my OH, we tackled all the family photo's.  This was quite a big job as I decided that I wanted to get rid of all the albums and choose the best pictures to keep and condense the space they take up.  We set abt this task but it took us ages as we reminisced over holiday and party pics, laughing at our memories and I got tearful looking at pics of our children who are adults now, didn't  their childhood fly past so fast, the best years of my life.

It took us two days to go through every photograph but in the end we had condensed them down by about half and OH burnt the rest plus the albums in an old oil drum we found in a field.  It was a good job done and now I feel relieved that they are all in one place and I dated a lot of them on the back.  My daughter is so looking forward to coming up and having a browse through them all.

Today I decided we needed to decluttering all our CD's.  This didn't take long at all once we got stuck in and we reduced their numbers so again they fit into the rack now instead of the overflow in drawers and cupboards.  I have taken the box full to our nephews to have a pick of any they might like as we have quite eclectic tastes!

Other things this week, i made my first hexie!  I am using scraps of material i have  and i am finding it quite relaxing to sit and handsew them of an evening.  I am not sure yet what to make them into but i will just continue with making these just for the fun of it.  I dream of one day being able to make a quilt though.

I was lucky enough to get a cashback payment through which i converted into an Amazon gift card and after buying some cat flea and tick stuff, i had enough to treat myself to Jack's cookbook.  I have already tried a couple of her recipes and you can see some of the yellow stickers i have used to earmark some of the other recipes i definately will be trying out.  This is a great book for someone like myself who is on a very tight budget and it is written by someone who truly knows what food poverty is like.

Talking of food, OH had very little work this week but he was given a dozen fresh eggs as a thankyou for his help.  These unexpected gifts are such a blessing and as usual we are again thankful for the help given by our family when we struggle.  Tonights dinner is a sausage casserole padded out with extra veg in and tinned potatoes

I am making homemade yorkshire puds and some cabbage to go with it.  Nice and warming too as the weather has definately turned colder today..  We awoke to some snow this morning and have had a couple of snow storms through the day but it is mostly wet and windy.  It is expected to freeze overnight.  We are being stingy with our wood supplies to eke it out so today we have relied on the calour gas fire for a bit of warmth and put on plenty of layers!  The cat sitting on my lap warms me up too!

Terri X


  1. Its good to declutter but I have to be in the mood. Every now and again I blitz the house and take lots to the charity shops only to spend the next few months bringing more stuff back again!

  2. You have inspired me to declutter Terri xxxxxx


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