A Little Sewing

I treated myself to this pack of 100x 4 inch patchwork squares from Ebay for £6.35 and have a plan to use them to recover what is presently a wicker footstool. I will do a separate post on that project but I am so happy with them as they are so pretty.
I have had a sewing machine for a number of years but I am not very confident with it and only do basic sewing in straight lines, even then I have to be careful not to press the pedal too hard as I then get into a panic and it runs away!   When I'm in the mood though to have a go at sewing I have made a few nice things for my home
I've made bunting, cushions and a wall hanging (which took me weeks with the help of a class) and I also found I enjoy applique too but mostly sewing that on by hand.
  Today I made a door curtain from a curtain that was given to me.  It was not the nicest colour material but as it is velvet it was good enough because it won't be seen but it was too wide and too short.  I cut it about and patched it together and in no time it was hung up to stop the draught coming in.
I just need to look in the charity shops for a curtain for the front door now.  We have no insulation at all in our home as it is an old crofters cottage so every winter it gets so cold that it freezes on the inside of the front door and we just have a concrete floor in the lobby as the floor gets so wet. We treat the mould and repaint the walls every year.  My daughter came up with a good idea today - to line the door curtain with a shower curtain to protect the fabric.  Don't know why I haven't thought of that before! 
Other things that I'm happy about today -
1. A family member has come through her breast cancer operation ok
2. I heard that my little Grandson aged 9 months has started to crawl properly.
3. I spent a nice day alone with my OH
4. I was given a pack of cooking bacon and when defrosted there was 4 hunks of bacon which I roasted and this will be enough to make a big quiche and pea & ham soup and do sandwiches if I can stop picking at it!
5. I lost another 2lbs in weight making a total now of 2 stones 5lbs.
Terri X



  1. Some very pretty fabric Terri and so many things to be happy for. Well done on loosing so much weight you must feel wonderful! xo

    1. Thank you hannapat I do feel a lot better but I still have a way to go. X


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