Enjoying lunch with Hugh!

On working days we have taken to having lunch at 12 o'clock and watching repeats on Channel 4 of the lovely Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall  series

I was given this book as a present quite a while ago and have to admit to only having done a couple of recipes from it but after watching his programme again I am having another go.  He makes everything look so delicious but I really fancied his stuffed butternut squash recipe so here is a picture of our dinner yesterday

A bit burnt round the edges but still very tasty and filling.  I did adapt recipe slightly to fit in with my diet as I could not add as much cheese or use the oil but  "frylight" was fine anyway and the only thing I would do differently next time, apart from watching it doesn't burn!, is to omit the walnuts.
Hugh also has a new series starting on Wednesday night so I will be watching that too.

Yesterday we awoke to a frosty morning but the forecast said no rain so I got all my washing done and out on the line before we ventured out.  We decided to go for a drive to the large charity shop again to have a look at the furniture as I was looking for something smaller than the chest of drawers we have presently in the lobby.  We are still having problems with our phone and internet connections and every time I ring Sky they make us go through the same procedure of removing the front plate on the phone socket and connecting things separately in the test socket.  Unfortunately it is situated behind the chest of drawers which is of course full of stuff so OH getting very fed up having to manhandle it out of the way to keep doing this. We already know that the fault is outside on the lines as have had the same problem a few times before.  Hopefully it will get sorted out on Tuesday as an engineer is coming out but I wasn't very happy about having to agree to pay them £99 callout charge and £65 an hour if he decides there is no fault as we have been stung with this before when an engineer told us the wires outside need replacing as they are so old that all the cold wet weather effects them but he later told his office there was no problem. Anyway I didn't buy any furniture as there wasn't anything suitable but I did find a lovely pink checked blanket for £2

washed and on the clothes horse as it didn't dry yesterday.  Its made in Scotland and I think it will look nice on my sofa for winter.  We also found 2 plastic curtain rails for £2, one of which will go over the front door ready for a new door curtain and I picked up 2 pairs of plastic knitting needles for £1. Bargains!

 When I got home I decided to clean out the chest of drawers and move it into a bedroom and put a smaller bureau from there in the lobby which gives plenty of space to get to the main socket now. It just took me a while to think about it and it has saved me money.

Other little things which have made me happy this week are

1 - an early morning phone call from my Grandchildren sneakily while mummy was still in bed. They were making their own breakfast of strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate biscuit and strawberry sauce!  I said that sounded Yum and they said they would make it for me when they see me next week.  So looking forward to seeing them again.

2 - a generous friend is still sharing her home grown produce and has given me these

3 - We have a few cows again in the field next door - 2 mums and their youngsters.  I haven't taken a photo of them yet but I will soon but I am outside talking to them daily. I love cows, this was me last time we had a few near us
and I found this picture in a charity shop
Its a framed bit of material but I loved it.
Have a good weekend
Terri X 


  1. Butternut squash is so tasty. We like to have it roasted along with other veggies and chicken thighs. Sprinkled with zest and juice of a lemon and two tablespoons balsamic vinegar. It's delish ,
    I really like the frame you found.

    1. Hi Anne that sounds really nice, I will give it a try.

  2. Hello. I have just found your blog and will definitely be back to visit again. Since I was a small girl I have wanted to visit Scotland and while at present that isn't possible (nursing an elderly Mother!) I visit by proxy reading delightful blogs and many many books. I too am trying to lose weight - five kilograms by the time I turn sixty in 12 months. What plan are you following?

    1. Hi Margaret thanks for visiting my blog. I follow slimming worlds red or green days as I love my food and can eat normal everyday food without having to buy anything special. Good luck!


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