My journey south

I didn't sleep well the night before but once settled on the train I decided to treat the journey as an adventure and enjoy it and I actually did!  It was nice to look at the scenery from the window and I tried to take a few pics but bear in mind the train was going pretty fast.
I passed Aviemore station and I could imagine Poirot standing there
Look at this train planter at Pitlochry it was a nice splash of colour
I saw bridges and we went very close to the sea
Sometimes i wasn't quick enough to take a photo like in Newcastle on Tyne the bridges and a castle caught my eye and  by the time i got my camera out we had passed by!  I had to catch three trains to get down south but they all were on time so the journey took 8 hours 15 mins altogether, quicker than driving. I did have bottom ache but I read a bit and did a few puzzles as well as gazing out of the windows and i had intended to do some knitting but the time passed quickly and I didn't get started.  It was so great to see my friend waiting for me and I will post a few pics I took at her house next post as she has such a lovely home.

Terri x


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