The lounge reveal!

It iis such a dull miserable day today weather wise so these photos aren't the best but I want to show you now we have finished.  

This is my corner with an old armchair covered with a crocheted blanket and cushion that I made.  The other little armchair originally belonged in the cottage so found its way back here.  The tweed cushion covers were made by a lady locally and as you can see I used one to cover the seat pad.  The dresser base unit was part of my dressing table which my OH brought for our 25th wedding anniversary.  It doesn't fit in my bedroom so it was in the kitchen but it fits nicely in here now.  

We had to keep the carpet although its not to my taste but I have put my favourite rug on it that I brought from Fired Earth in my other life as a credit card spender!

The hare picture was done by a neighbour, I love hares and we see quite a few up here.

The vintage mirror over the fireplace was given to me and I have done a simple display on the mantle

I brought these marbles in a charity shop and I like the colours in this little dish that was a present last Christmas.

Such a sweet little felt owl in a John Rosha jug. I loved the shape of this jug but it was never practical for custard etc.

I love this picture that was another charity shop find and it looks so Scottish.  I knitted a little red heart for this special teddy to hold and the pencil holder is actually a carved shell case from my father-in-law from when he was out in Egypt in the Army. 

These are two photo's that my OH took. The bottom one is a picture of my son taken on a woodland walk when the light shone through the branches.  The top one was the stonework of an old ruin.  I think he is a talented photographer but he just does it as a hobby.

I save my little buttons in this lovely heart jar

This ottoman under the window was a charity shop bargain for £10 and it was already pink so I just covered it with some of an oilcloth I had.  The pink chicken cushion was made by me.

This pottery vase is one of my most treasured possessions.  It is a wonky pot with dripped glaze but it was made by my daughter when she was at school and I just love it!  You can just see one of my button hearts on it too.

These two photo's in the window are of my OH's grandad, as a boy in his short trousers and above when he joined the Navy.

This felted heart was a gift and it hangs on the curtain rail.  I like little robins and he hangs up all year round, not just at Christmas.
Last thing to show you is my homemade button lampshade.

I hope you liked the tour round my room. 

Terri x


  1. It looks lovely Terri, I have the same little heart bottle and I keep small fragments of sea glass in mine in our bathroom. Looks very cosy and homely.


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