I had a very interesting morning as I decided to attend a free workshop at the village learning centre.

It was organized by a lovely Spanish lady from Madrid who has moved to a nearby small village in the Highlands 18 months ago.  She used to be a graphic designer working on a spanish magazine, said she had to take photos of celebs and touch up the pics by smoothing out their wrinkles and getting rid of double chins etc.  Such a change of life to end up in a small scottish village but it came about because she fell in love with a scotsman.   

So we are going out and about taking our own photos to use and also incorporating the creative skills from other classes i.e. the poetry class and the sewing class to make postcards and a calendar that will appeal to tourists and locals.  Hopefully any profits will go back into the village for further projects.

I look forward to doing this project as we had a good laugh whilst brainstorming ideas but i am also interested in learning how to do this so that i could perhaps do something myself with my pictures that might generate a bit of income.  I will have to wait and see how it turns out but i am looking forward to the next session.

Terri X


  1. That workshop sounds interesting. I love finding handmade cards - both postcards and letter writing cards. Surely there would be a sale for these to tourists? I have just finished a book where the heroine drove from London to stay in a remote croft near Lairg. Of course her hero followed her and it was happily ever after but I was so pleased I had some idea of where Lairg was!


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