Sunday Ramblings

A smattering of snow this morning when OH pulled the curtains back

But brrr... It was so cold I could see my breath in the bedroom.  The cats joined me on the bed and I could easily have just stayed snuggled up in bed but I had to get up to get things ready before going to church.

I managed to get a yellow sticker markdown on a little loin joint of pork in the week, in fact all their pork was reduced so I picked up a pack of chops too and divided them into two further dinners in the freezer.  Today we are having the joint and I've roasted it on top of some onion, celery and carrots, sprinkled a few dried herbs and some garlic and drizzled whole thing with olive oil.  Looks quite tasty and smells lovely in the kitchen.

I will put the potatoes in to roast when I get home but I have par-boiled them ready and will do some veg, cabbage and French beans I think and a couple of Yorkshire puds each.  We don't really do puddings as I'm trying to lose some weight at the mo.

Yesterday I amused myself by making a crochet cover for an empty beetroot jar I had.  It is a nice size for putting flowers in
Pic is of the empty jar as I couldn't find anything to go in it as yet.  Maybe I will store my crochet hooks in it instead.
I have quite a few oddments of wool so doing things like this just uses up some of my stash.

I am back from church, I've been out three hours because I've been chatting to a few people, still fellowship is what it's all about.  My BF gave me a little homemade pressie of some coconut sweets.  She said I was to keep them in the fridge and have one a day.

Have you spotted the wrappers!!  They taste just like bounty bars and I don't think they are going to make it to the fridge!  

I also received a belated Birthday pressie this week.  I love this little pink etched glass bottle with its bird stopper.

Well it's 3.45pm now and the sun is now shining. 

My cats have both positioned themselves where they can feel the rays, inside of course as its still chilly.

Terri X


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