Bits and Bobs during my Week

I was trying to think what I have been up to this week but it has been a relatively quiet one apart from work.
I did a bit of card making and was quite pleased with this one I made for my stepmums Birthday this month

We did take a trip out on Friday to go to Morrisons  as we had been invited to go to a friends Saturday night and I needed to take a pudding.  I was going to cheat and buy something to save me cooking and needed to cater for nine people but when I looked I couldn't find anything so ended up buying the ingredients for my usual standby pudding, cheesecake.

It's very rich and creamy and usually serves 10 - 12 people.  
I served it with some fresh raspberries

This little lot was two packs!  And they cost £3 which I thought was a lot but they did taste good with it.
Unfortunately my sis-in-law went down with the virus that's been going around so last minute I had to make another dish that the kids would like so I made a macaroni cheese too.

Luckily there was some leftovers so OH sneakily demolished the last bit of cheesecake whilst I was out at church this morning and I have mac cheese to eat for dinner today.
I also went to the charity shop whilst in the area and picked up a new Jamie Oliver cookbook and two candy stripe pillowcases.

Now I'm indoors for the afternoon in front of the fire as its damp and drizzly outside.  
I have been thinking of all those poor people who have been flooded down south, terrible to see all the damage on the news.

On the mantle I have a new item in my bird collection

I got this little bottle in a sale for £2.49 and I love the glass bird stopper so couldn't resist picking it up.

We are back to an open fire in the lounge now because of the state of the chimney.   
The lining has all collapsed and OH was worried that the chimney could collapse as the stove is so hot its drying out the brickwork.  We rent the cottage at a low rent but we are reluctant to pay out for a new liner at the moment as its pretty costly and we have already replaced the chimney pot ourselves.  The LL do not seem to want to do any maintenance at all. We do paint the external walls and windows most years as the wood frames are rotting and replace roof tiles as needed.  OH also rebuilt the gable end as it was collapsing and we have done a little bit of redecorating inside and have been given permission to do what we want but at the end of the day it's not our property.  Decisions need to be made over the course of the year I think but until then I am just going to chill and watch a movie I have borrowed 

Lastly just wanted to say hello to a couple of new followers of my blog and thank you for being interested and leaving me a few comments.

Terri X


  1. Terri you cant beat a cheesecake for a pud. It must surely be everyones favourite and there are so many fruits and flavours.The little birdie bottle is so cute.


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