A Whirlwind Day

This morning I went to the second class of Patterns - make to sell at the learning centre.  Today we had to design a logo by taking a photo and going onto Photoshop to learn how to adapt it and create words to go with it.  I didn't find it easy but it was enjoyable.  I am not sure whether I would be able to do it again but I will try at home on OH's computer because he has a similar programme.

Talking of computers, I have lost Saturdays blog post, Rainbows Everywhere and I have tried everything I can but it seems to have disappeared and the post I wrote yesterday has gone in as written on Saturday!  Shame though because the two comments that relate to that post are still there.

After the class, I headed home to put the washing out on the line.  It was so windy I had to double peg everything and my wash basket blew away three times whilst I was reaching up to try and grab the line.  I very rarely have to do any ironing as the wind blows all the creases out! I hoped the clothes would still be there when I returned from helping my sis-in-law load the car with bags of stuff she has been clearing out and we took it all to a different charity shop than the one I was complaining about in Saturdays lost blog post.  We resisted the urge to have a look round but as its a 50 mile round trip, we treated ourselves to a coffee and delicious piece of cake (coffee and walnuts my fave) at the Coffee Bothy before heading back.  From where we sat I could see the sea which looked very grey and choppy today.

I had approx an hour at home before having to go out again down to the village to get my hair cut.  I checked the washing line but there were a few gaps where clothing should have been!  A few items had blown off but were easily rescued and at least they were dry.  I didn't bother putting any more washing out as it was getting colder so will get it done tomorrow instead.

Hair cut done, i only have a dry cut as its the cheapest.  I've been wearing scarfs round my head as i was way overdue for a cut.  I had chance to chat on the phone whilst dinner was cooking, thank goodness I made it yesterday, before popping out again to pick up my nephew from the train station.  I thought I might finally settle down and watch a bit of t.v. after writing this blog post but we now have a power cut!  Might as well have an early night then.

Terri X


  1. Sounds exhausting Terri, you forgot that you had to drive to the station to pick up your nephew before the power went. hat a day. Woo xx


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