Bargain hunting

We woke this morning to icy cold weather but the sun was shining.  We both didn't have any work today but OH needed to buy some wood to do a job so as we try to save on fuel by doing various things in the one journey, I decided to go with him and do a small shop in Lidl.
Pretty uneventful really although I did get a good buy on a big bottle of balsamic vinegar for 99p and brought two jars of their decaf coffee at £1.69 a jar as I have read on someone's blog that coffee will be going up in price due to crops being destroyed by bad weather.
Talking of coffee, my friend gave me this lovely candle the other day and I keep sniffing it!

We decided to drive a different way home but detour a bit further north up the A9 (for those that don't know, its the only main road through the north of Scotland) and pop in a cafe and it gave
me the chance to go into the charity shop whilst there.  This shop is for Alzheimer's and is one of the few cheap charity shops left!

I picked up this lovely picture for £1 and plan to put it up in my bedroom 

I found this book for my 7 year old Grand-daughter as she had to give her school library copy back even though she had only got half way through reading it and she was not allowed to take it out again.  I know she will be happy to be able to finish reading it now

This little bird canvas was only 50p and looks lovely on the wall with the rest of my birdie display.  I couldn't remember if I had read this book or not as I have read most of this authors at one time or another but decided to buy it as it was only 50p.  

Look at this lovely scarf, its so colourful that i just couldn't resist it and although i am trying not to buy any more wool, as i want to use up some of my stash, this wool is called Christmas pudding and robin red breast and at 50p I just had to buy it!
My total spend - £4 and I am very happy with my bargain finds.

We were home by 2pm and the first thing we did was light the fire as the cottage was freezing!  The wind and rain started for us but compared to further south we have been getting off lightly as the snow gates were shut on parts of the A9 and traffic stranded.  More blizzards due overnight. My son was due to drive up here tomorrow but I've told him he shouldn't try to travel in these conditions.

Terri X


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