Brightening Up My Room

Its was very cold yesterday, the temperature dropped overnight to -8 and the frost didn't lift much all day but the sunshine was brilliant

I opened the lounge window to let some fresh air through but the state of the glass was filthy.  I know its not the best time to clean them because you see all the smears in the sunlight but with OH helping it made an enormous difference.
Because we are high up he first had to put a hook into the wall to attach the ladder to stablize it.  He did the outsides while i did inside and because he could give it more elbow grease than me, we were relatively smear free.

I had a good polish and hoover round and that led to moving my bits and pieces around.
A bunch of daffs and tulips are a lovely cheap way to brighten the mantle.  The jug is years old but i love it as its so colourful.

I was so excited when i found these Russian dolls in a charity shop on Friday.
I was only charged £1 for them!! 

My little cottage is holding my secret stash of creme eggs!

OH dug these bottles up years ago when he was on a building site.  The green keyring was brought for us by our elder Grandson on his very first school trip away from home so is precious to me.  In the background you can just see a little button heart i made.

This is a John Rocha jug and i fell in love with its shape.  Its about 10 years old now and has a little chip in.

I am happy with my mantlepiece now.

My handmade angel always hangs from the mirror.

My shelves got a little polish and tidy.

Alex was enjoying sunning himself on the windowsill.

This side of the room looks pretty colourful too.
Bonny is enjoying the sun too.

Terri X


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