My Early Valentine's Present

This lovely dish is my Valentine's present, thanks OH.  It is Tain Pottery and i have been collecting items in this design, which is called Fearn, for a while.  The pottery is all handpainted and i love the bumble bees and flowers.  It is also oven, freezer and dishwasher proof.  I think this size is perfect for a crumble.

I have 6 dinner plates, 3 side plates and 6 bowls and I don't believe in keeping them for best so I use them every day. 

I have decided to mix in a few of their tartan designs and you can see i have started with a couple of bowls.  You can also see the yellow minion plates which i use when the Grandkids come just peeping in the background.

I accidentally picked up these in their Buchanan design!  I have to admit that i only ever buy their seconds as half the time i can't see much difference with them and the firsts and of course it means i get them cheaper.

The darker green/blue tartan design is called Forbes and i took my bowl from the firsts pile and asked the sales assistant if it could possibly be a second.  It was a bit cheaky of me but there weren't any in the seconds and after at first saying no, she then said she was sure she could see a pinprick in the design so i could have it at the seconds price!

I have a few odd pieces of the pottery, the jug is Forbes but the other two are just samples i think.
I will continue building up a tartan collection bit by bit and in the meantime enjoy using those that i have.

Terri X


  1. I love your pottery, it's very beautiful and unique. We would never see anything like that here. My mom was half Scottish and she loved anything with tartan and especially thistles.

  2. The pottery looks wonderful Terri. It must have made your valentine day, very lucky Woo xx


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