Self Care

After being ill this January and another Birthday passing,  I made a decision to take time to practise a little self love and care.  It is hard sometimes to be selfish but if i dont take the time to look after my own wellbeing, how can i be there to help my loved ones. 

The last few years i have felt depressed, there have been tough times financially and emotionally alongside going through the menopause.  I think i got hit hard with a virus as i got too low, i felt worn out and tired when i got up in the mornings and dragged myself through the days.  My body aches and pains even resting in bed and I just wanted to wake up with some energy.

Last week a conversation with someone reminded me why i wanted to be where i am.  I had forgotten over the last few years and although i haven't achieved exactly what i wanted, this chat rejuvenated me.

I have started to eat healthily again and lose some weight, 9lbs off already.  I am cooking up new recipes as its so easy just to stick to the same things and although they have not all been a success i have enjoyed cooking again. 

I plucked up the courage to join a meditation class and i think i am going to get a lot out of it. I certainly felt more relaxed than when i went in. 

 I have been going to two separate craft groups in different villages and meeting new people.

I have been asked to do another craft fair and i am determined not to stress myself out over it this time and enjoy making things to sell.

I have taken a couple of trips to Inverness to go to the cinema.  I used to go regularly before we moved here and have always been a movie buff and i missed it.  Ive been to see Star Wars in 3d and The Revenant.  I would like to see Eddie the Eagle next as i remember watching him ski jump.

I am taking any opportunity that comes my way to do things that i enjoy from trips out to spending time with friends, singing at church and also taking alone time to read or knit or watch tv.  I have loved "The Real Marigold Hotel" programme.

Trips south to visit family are very important to me too and i look out for cheap flights and trains to continue to see everyone as often as possible.

I look forward to spring and getting outside in the garden. I have noticed that the evenings are drawing out at last, its not getting dark until gone 5pm now.

I'm feeling better :-)

Terri X

(All pics from pin interest)


  1. Most excellent blog Terri. your absolutely right we should take more care of ourselves, or how can look after those we love and care about. Have a Blessed weekend. Woo xx


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