At the Craft Fair

My little blog has been badly neglected as I have been busy making bits and pieces to sell on our stall at my first Craft

To be honest I stressed myself out panicking that we didn't have enough stock and was still sewing 10 minutes before we left to go!

My BF and I hadn't had chance to sort out how we were going to display our stock as she has been busy with her daughter's wedding but we did get a few strange looks from other stallholders as they saw us taking in blocks of wood!  

These displays (bar the little reindeer I added ) were used at the wedding so  using the bigger blocks was a simple way to add height to our display and the little owl pincushions and paper trees looked really effective on them. Placing the lot on gold cloth it all came together and looked pretty good.  The photo above of my own wood display was a thankyou for looking after their dog and it looks lovely on my fireplace, especially lit up at night.

As for the amount of stock I was fretting about, well we had too much for the stall and spread out into the stage area as well!

It was only a small craft fair and the weather was pretty horrid so attendance wasn't as busy as we'd hoped but we were happy as we sold quite a lot and had an enjoyable few hours chatting to people.  Our best selling item was the paper Christmas trees.
Something so simple really but it drew people to our stall just to see what they were.  We have certainly done well from the boxes of old books we got at the auction.  I have also been using them to make other things and will show pics another time.
My first experience of doing a stall was so good that I would definately do another one and I got home to find that OH has kept himself busy by making this...

I think it's time to put my feet up with a cup of tea and a large slice!

Terri X


  1. Wow! Terri you have been busy!!! The display looks lovely, you must be so proud of yourself :)x

  2. Terri, fantastic blog lovie. You have obviously been very very busy xx


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