A Little Catch Up

I've had a busy few weeks so haven't blogged much but I am still here, knitting away for my next craft fair!

I have been down south again visiting my mother and got spoilt, eating out every day :-)   I am trying to eat more healthily now so I have been digging out the recipe books and trying new things. The current craze for "clean" eating, gluten free and dairy free have made me try new things and its good to shake things up sometimes.  We currently have visitors for a few days and one suffers from celiac disease so its been a timely change.

The weather has suddenly turned quite autumnal and the bushes are covered in berries now. I am not sure if its just an old wives tale that this means a bad winter to come, will have to wait and see.

The rest of my little planted area by the decking is still flowering nicely

I went to an open day for some building projects that are ongoing in the area. We are getting a new shop and cafe in the design of a salmon, which looks great as its by the falls where the salmon leap plus a new community building containing play stuff for children, a gym and 1950's style cafe serving crepes!  There was a tent for food tasting from local businesses and chaps from the forestry commission were there making things from wood.  I got given this lovely little stool 

I plan to put a winter flowering pansy in the teapot.  Cute though isn't it.

Art classes have ended for now but they put on an exhibition of our work and I won a prize!  I was amazed to win something.  
I have yet to pick up my exhibits so cannot show them but I have improved since I began and am enjoying it.  The next course we will be doing a design to print on fabric so I am looking forward to that.

I got up at the crack of dawn last weekend to do a car boot sale.  It was huge and we were competing for business with so many other stallholders but I still made £82.  Very happy with that and I spent some on a bit of clothing for the winter and some paint.  Its called 'pressed thistle" by Dulux and I'm planning to redo the bathroom before tackling the kitchen.  Projects for the winter months to keep OH going when his work slackens off.

I got a nice sized rug for Sons floor at the bootsale for £8 which fits in perfectly with his new room scheme as he has a dark grey feature wall and I got this little pottery jar for free.

I keep my cotton wool in it.

We had a quiz night out at the local pub this weekend with our guests and it was a late night :-)  Plans are afoot for a Halloween party and dressing up is compulsary.  I have never done Halloween so just going to have fun and create a costume.   Well thats a little catch up for now as I am about to race off to craft club. Its blowing a gale today, meant to be a wild night.

Terri X


  1. Congratulations on your award. You certainly did well at the car boot sale, better than throwing things away. We do a couple a year when we have a sort out, I would rather do that than landfill.

  2. Terri, that is a great blog, so interesting. Well done on the Art award, look forward to seeing your pictures. Woo xx


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