A Lovely Easter

I have had a busy few weeks and enjoyed it all but i am now paying the price for being too busy as I lay in bed again with a bad back and stomach pains but the migraine has now gone thankfully.  I can't seem to burn the candle at both ends like I used to!

These pics were of our stall at the recent craft fair

It was pretty colourful

My partner in crime posing by the stall

The craft fair wasn't as busy as previous fairs but we did ok and enjoyed ourselves.  We were able to watch the cooking demonstration by the chef at the new visitor attraction to the area.  He was very creative and made swans out of lemon peel so his finished dishes of salmon with a crispy crumb and lemon chicken looked lovely on the plate.

In the evening we were at a friend's Birthday party and the theme was to be as colourful as poss which was no problem for me as i wore my floresant pink wig but I am not posting the photo's!!

The day after the fair was the day the weather changed from having lots of sunshine to definate April showers which was a shame as the Grandkids arrived for a weeks holiday.  Luckily they had brought raincoats and wellies as we certainly needed them.

Cold, wet and windy on the beach but having fun for a while.  Son in law flew a kite but the wind was a bit too strong and the strings broke.  We did see seals swimming in the sea, I thought one of them might come onto the beach but it was probably just curious and thinking what on earth were we doing there!  I could not get a decent photo of them. We all went and had hot chocolates in a cafe to warm up afterwards.  I tell myself its days like this where memories are made.

The week went far too quickly though as we were out every day.  I also spent time at home baking far to many cakes and alongside Easter eggs, I think it was too much for my stomach to take!

Another treat was to go to the cinema and watch the new Beauty and the Beast film.  Oh it was so lovely, I felt like waltzing around the lobby when I came out!  Such a feel good movie so watch it if you can.

Terri X
PS.  My last post didn't appear on Bloglovin when published for some reason, I hope this one will show up.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Your stall looked amazing, loved the decoupage table. Always good to spend quality time with the family.

  2. The stall looks absolutely fabby! I always find after a day outside in the rain and cold, the hot choc seems to taste even better than on a sunny day and well worth it! xx


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