Enjoying the Summer Break

I haven't posted for a few weeks as we have been enjoying our time having the Grandchildren up on their annual visit.

The weather hasn't always been good, indeed sometimes it was quite wild, wet and windy but that didn't stop us having fun :-)

We discovered pretty new places and new beaches

We searched for and found fossils much to the childrens delight

Look at this photo, a bee flew past just at the right moment!

I was happy as always just to have my toes in the sea

And to watch and listen to the waves .  I always feel soothed by the sea.
It wasn't all beaches, there were parks and woodland walks

Obstacles to tackle

A willow weaving morning making fish
OH hung them from the hallway ceiling.  We have a puffa fish, a shark and a colourful fish of some kind!

A trip to the cinema

This movie was enjoyed by young and old.

I put my swimsuit on for the first time for years regardless of being overweight as I was determined to join in and enjoy myself with them and we went swimming every time "happy hour" was on.  Entrance was 50p at these times and as it was a 50 mile round trip, it covered the cost of the diesel going there.  

I took the eldest two to my art class and they sat for 2 hours drawing and colouring and both found it relaxing.  They spent their spending money on more art materials, books and a cricket set besides sweet treats.  The younger aged 6 brought a water gun and much fun was had getting each other soaked!

Simple games like playing marbles.  Noticed the toy car amongst them this morning!

There has been lots of cooking as there were 9 of us and I menu planned in advance and it worked very well but we also had lots of cafe visits which cost a fortune but all regarded as part of the holidays on our visits out and about.

The time zoomed by so fast and now they have all gone. The house is so quiet.  I felt so low this weekend but kept myself busy stripping beds and as the weather was fine, got all the washing done and dried on the line.  The toys are cleared away and everywhere has been cleaned up.  I spent time doing a freezer inventory

as we need to focus on rebuiding our savings up again and I spent time
 sorting through the photos we took. 
 Yesterday OH and I decided to go swimming again and take a sandwich and drink with us to have a picnic lunch down by the sea.  Again I felt the waves soothing the ache I feel inside now they've gone.

Terri X


  1. Always hard after the family visits are over, I know how it feels. Looks like a great time was had by all. Loved the art projects.

  2. Poor Terri, you'll see them soon. xx

  3. Poor Terri, you'll see them soon. xx


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