After decorating the stairs earlier this month, I just wanted to show you the floorboards in the hallway which are now painted this lovely deep red and we got it finished just before the family arrived.

It stood the test of four children and five adults very well and was so quick to clean, just a quick sweep now and then to clear up sand from our trips to the beach and dirt from the piles of footwear. So, the only thing i have left to do now is to make a little curtain for the landing window.  I have been collecting pretty floral hankerchiefs from my various charity shop visits over the last few months and I think I will make it with these.   I will show you when its done.

On a trip out to one of my favourite places, Cromarty on the Black Isle, I came across this lovely placemat and just had to have it!  I love hares but it wasn't cheap at £10.  Lucky for me though my Son had given me some money to spend in case we went to a cafe as that was expensive as there were so many of us. I decided we didn't need more cake but i really needed...yes really! ..this mat.  It now sits on my side table next to my armchair :-)

Terri X


  1. The hall is looking beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing how you put the hankies together.

  2. I know the hall looks wonderful but, that placemat is a must, just beautiful. Woo xx


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