Hello Again

Its been a while since I have been in my bloggy space, no particular reason why I haven't posted but life feels like its been extra busy lately.  The photo above was taken a few weeks ago on my last trip to the beach and it was quite an overcast day.  Amazing skies though and the clouds were really this colour. 

I have been enjoying these daffodils which were a present from a friend on our Anniversary last week.  I did a casual dinner party and I cooked the mains which were pulled pork and a chicken curry served with salad, rice or new potatoes and i also made some naan bread.  I based the meals around my Slimming World diet and my friends supplied the desserts, homemade meringue eton mess and a sherry trifle.  Of course i had a bit of both desserts, would have been rude not too!

I have another craft fair coming up so my friend and I have been getting very sticky doing some decoupage.

Are you old enough to remember these characters?

I am hoping some child will enjoy sitting on this chair and beg their parent to buy it.

I experimented on this tray by gluing material instead of paper

Also did this little plant pot.  Probably a bit OTT with the flowers but I would use it.  I am still looking around the house for anything else to transform but it takes longer to do than you might think.

Other news, I got another part time job in a new shop opening sometime this month in the village.  Will be handy to have some regular hours especially in wintertime and its only a little walk down the road.  I am just hoping I don't have to start next week as the Grandchildren are coming to visit and I am so looking forward to spending time with them.

Another gift I was given this week by a very talented friend.  I just love her and call her my Halloween fairy.

Catch up with you again soon
Terri X


  1. Love the halloween angel - her hair is very 'Lily Munster'

  2. Love the Post!! the view is gorgeous xx


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