Woodland Walk

I am walking a few times a week as part of my weight loss diet and today OH and I set off for a stroll around the Ferrycroft woods.  It rained all day yesterday so it was a bit wet underfoot but today the sun came through although we needed scarves, hats and gloves as the temperature had dropped overnight.

You can just see the coating of ice covering the water in one of the ponds.

The forestry have had to cut a lot of the trees down in these woods after the big storm in 2015 and there is a whole area that just looks decimated but what it has done is allow you to see the views of the lochs better and I always like to be near the water. 

There is a mound which once upon a time was a broch and this plaque tells a bit about it with the picture of what it once looked like.  You have to use your imagination as this is what's here now

but climbing up the mound, on the other side is this lovely view of Loch Shin

The water looked very blue today.

OH took this photo of me standing on a rock and behind me you can see how messy it looks when they take down the trees.  In the distance behind me is the dam. 

and I took a clearer photo of the front of it as we strolled past.  You can climb over the undergrowth and then a gate and walk onto the top of the dam but I didn't fancy doing it as I am not one for heights. 

The rest of the walk took us along the edge of the loch until we reached where we had started.  I had certainly warmed up by then and couldn't wait to take off the scarf and hat.

I felt much better after this little stroll.  The water always has a soothing effect upon me and this past week I have felt pretty stressed with one thing piling on top of another.   Tension had built up inside me but being out in the fresh air made it start to uncoil. My usual habit is to hibernate when feeling like this but perhaps my new resolve to get fitter is a better way to deal with life's ups and downs.  I am ready to start another week now.

Terri X 


  1. It was a pleasure to join you on your stroll, such beautiful sights.

  2. Lov ely blog Terri, looks like an interesting place to walk. Woo xx


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