Clearing out the Fridge

I decided this week to become vegetarian as i have been thinking of giving up meat for a while now.  I have never been a huge meat eater anyway and absolutely love vegetables, whenever I go out for a meal I usually choose the veggy option. After going to three barbecues recently, I really had had enough meat!
Yesterday my friend popped round with some veg from her fridge as she has gone away for a week.  Added to what was in my own fridge, I decided to spend the morning cooking.  I chopped everything up first and put into separate bowls, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, white cabbage, peas, quite a lot altogether.  I set about making some pastry, one lot for today and another for the freezer.
I put together a quiche using up a bit of double cream left over and picking some chives from the garden.  Cheese, chives & caramelised onion, an opened jar in the fridge. Enough pastry was left to make a little lemon curd turnover which will do for OH's pudding today.  Next up was Tuscan Bean Soup and while it cooked I set about making a quorn and veg lasagne.  I wizzed up the veg even smaller in my mini blender as my Son is a bit fussy about what vegetables he will eat so if its small it hides whats in it.  It can't taste too bad as he helped himself as soon as i got it out of the oven!  Hense the gap in the dish below.
There was enough filling left from the lasagne to convert it into a shepherds pie by boiling the last two potatoes along with some sweet potatoes and then adding some grated mature cheese to the topping.  Two portions of pasta sauce were made and this freezes well and defrosts quickly in the microwave so is a handy standby when I'm working, just topped with a bit of grated cheese. 
I also made OH a thick beef stew for today and tomorrows dinner as he hasn't given up meat.  I much prefer stew with lots of gravy but he likes it virtually boiled away so the spoon stands up in it!

My dinner is a little prawn cocktail using up half a pack of prawns from the freezer and making my own cocktail sauce which is so easy, just mixing some low fat mayonaise with a dollop of tomato ketchup and a sprinkle of paprika.  I picked a bowl full of mixed salad leaves from the garden and chopped a bit of cucumber.  I have enough prawns left for a nice sandwich later.  I've put a container of the chopped veg back in the fridge ready for making a rice dish tomorrow and put a tub full of the chopped cabbage in the freezer.
Phew!  After all that cooking i am going to have a sit down once the washing up is done, there is so much!!

Terri X


  1. You clever old stick, what a great idea to chop all the veg up first, and then use them as you cook different dishes. Lovely Blog Terri xx

  2. You clever old stick, what a great idea to chop all the veg up first, and then use them as you cook different dishes. Lovely Blog Terri xx


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