Lampshade Transformation

I've finished transforming my standard lampshade and it cost me zilch as I used bits and pieces I already had in my stash of craft stuff.

First I tried crocheting the frame with wool but I didn't like it so I cut it all off.  Next attempt was crochet with ribbons but I decided I didn't like that either so I then decided to wrap the entire frame in red and white gingham cotton fabric.  I tore strips so I had frayed edges just because I liked the effect. It took ages though.

I used old necklaces, some kept complete and others I mixed and rethreaded onto clear fishing line.  I added ribbons and floral fabric strips and glued buttons and bows onto them and then sewed more buttons to the top and little red heart buttons to the bottom joints of the frame.

I added four little pictures pinned with multi coloured paperclips just because i liked them and I thought that when I want a change, I could renew them perhaps by pinning on some black & white photos.

I might change the bulb to one that changes colours but for now I like the shadow patterns it makes on the wall.  I think it fits into my home much better now too.  What do you think?

Terri X


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