Did I Show You My ....

Charity shop buys.

I don't think i have shown you a pic of the standard lamp I managed to get for £20.  It is in the process of being transformed and as you can see, the base is pink, it was originally dark wood and I am doing something with the shade, not planned what so just going with the flow!  I have ripped off the material back to the frame so far.  I will show it when finished.

I also found these two rose pictures for £3 each.

I am so pleased with how they look on the wall, definately a bargain and they fit in my lounge alongside the Cath Kidson material of the tablecloth and curtains.

Two lovely books, the baking one has every cake recipe imaginable and the pictures are lovely inside the Country Living Christmas book.
A great ball of wool for £1 which has already been used up making more little knitted cottages.
A lovely enamel bowl for 50p

The first two seasons of this series.  I have already watched the first.
I went along to the library and they were selling some of their books for £1 each so I was lucky to get these four.

You can never have enough craft books to give inspiration can you :-)

Terri X


  1. I totally agree you can never have enough craft books. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the lampshade.


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