Bargain buys & Presents

This lovely sampler was a gift from a friend this week and I am thinking of framing it and hanging it in my craft room.  I have been organising my bits and pieces and I got OH to hang these shelves up for me

They were moved off the wall in the kitchen as I decided it would be nice for OH to have a display area for all the fantastic photo's he takes.  He has painted one wall and put up two picture ledges and i will show it when finished but we are in the process of collecting any old picture frames we come across and painting them different colours.

I still love the colour on my own shelves so just showing another photo of them.

This lovely little brooch belonged to an aunt of mine who recently died.  I was able to choose a memento from a few things but I loved the purple colours and knew I would wear this.  I have put it on the collar of my new to me corded coat

The coat is actually a midnight blue colour, hard to get a decent photo in our cottage, and was £9.50 in a charity shop.   
I wouldn't normally pay this much but this shop was in an upmarket village in Gloucestershire, lots of decent labels and it was a perfect fit so my mum decided I could have it as part of my Christmas present.  She also brought me these lovely green swede boots

So comfy and as now protected with lots of spray, pretty practical for where I live.  I do have a nightmare getting footwear wide feet, high arch and a permanently swollen ankle do not make it easy and luckily they were the first pair I tried on that morning after hours the day before with no luck.
I also got these pumps in Asda for a bargain £10 and unlike a lot of flatties, these do have a bit of grip on the sole.

I am now kitted out for footwear and coats for this winter except perhaps for a pair of wellies as my old boots have started to leak.
I have also been given a lovely vintage suitcase which now lives on top of my wardrobe and this pale pink blanket which looks nice covering my old armchair.
Another friend is doing up her kitchen and gave me eight of these lovely cupboard handles

OH has now fitted them onto a chest of drawers in the bedroom.  
I think I have been very lucky lately with all the things I have been given, thank you to my family and friends.

Terri X


  1. Hi Terri, what a wonderful blog, although lovely things and it all looks so great. Woo xx


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